« Only abstract art can bring us to the threshold of the divine. Bathed by LAUTRéDOU's canvases, we can see through, we look at the infinite. They envelop us without enclosing us" K. Chapman Art critic 2015.  

LAUTRéDOU is rated ARTPRICE, guide MAYER and appears in the dictionary of MODERN AND CONTEMPORARY ARTS by J-P DELARGE, published by GRÜND.


1956. J.Y.LAUTRéDOU was born on September 26th in Annecy. From an early age he was initiated by his mother to the fine arts. He draws and paints.
1969. Practise photography and black & white printing and discover mountaineering.
1973. His devouring passion for the north faces of the Alps keeps him away from creation and he is thinking of becoming a guide, ski instructor or photographer.
1976. After poor mechanical engineering studies and quick trips to Europe, he moved up to Val Thorens where he stayed thirteen winters, travelling around Asia the rest of the year, where he discovered calligraphy and returned to painting.
1982. Becomes a professional photographer and also starts illustrating.
1984. Creator, graphic designer and muralist, he became an airbrush specialist and participated in the development of new snow sports.
1986. Meeting Guiseppina Lavorata was love at first sight. Today they have two children. Owner of all the paintings, she is an indispensable advisor and assistant.
1991. Working for the biggest brands in sportswear, skiing, ready-to-wear and also in the world of Haute Couture, he bows out, allergic to computers. Following a bet, he decides to exhibit and start a career as a painter.
1993. Birth of Ugo his first son, brightly burnt paintings and his first personal exhibition.
1995.Enter the prestigious Jacques Sieverding collection (Holland) and discover the meanders and complexities of professionalism.
2002. Birth of Pablo. Many paintings are part of private and public collections, but if he lives by painting, it does not make him live and he frequently exchanges brushes for rollers... painter from A to Z.
2003. Permanent resident at the Crid'Art gallery created by B. Staudt who has been sponsoring it since 1999.
2006. Permanent resident at the BAM Gallery in Toulouse and the Tartaglia Gallery in Rome.
2008. Gets a rating by participating in several auctions.
2010. Following an accident that immobilizes him for more than three months, the painter decides to take a sabbatical and does not paint, but takes care of an old project: the realization of a book.
2012-2013. Faced with the crisis that hit the world of Art, few canvases leave the studio, Lautrédou takes the opportunity to question his conception of painting.
2014. A new series dedicated to Matsuo Bashô accompanied by his haikus.
-2018. Lautredou rediscovers with greediness the work on paper, in small and large formats sold at "TRéDOUX" prices.
2019. Many paintings are now on sale via the Bam Gallery on Artsper and Artsy

"Truth is the balance point of two contradictions" (C.B.)



1988 1st Prize at the Grenoble Young Designers' Fair.
1993 Moulin de Lourmarin Gallery. Glazz'Art Paris Gallery. Aix en Provence Arts Festival.
1994 Hotel Fitz Roy Val-Thorens. Société Genérale Annecy. Solid'Art Saint-Jean de Maurienne.
1995 Gallery of the Moulin de Lourmarin.
1997 12th Painting Salon of Moutiers.
1998 Printemps des Arts de Chambéry.
1999 Abbey of Talloires. Abbey of the Premonstratensians Pont à Mousson. Salon Figuration Critique Paris. Galerie des Trinitaires Augny.
2000 Museum of Modern Art of Sintra Portugal. Roof of the Grande Arche Paris la Défense. Salon Figuration Critique Paris.
2001 Art sur Cour Gallery Annecy. Passage à l'Art Millau Gallery. Guest of honour at the 16th Salon d'automne in Sorgues. François Mitterand Marange-Silvange cultural space.
2002 Art Emotions Chambéry Gallery. Kulm Porto Fino Italy Gallery. Passage to Art Millau Gallery.
2003 Art sur Cour Gallery Annecy. The pure art of the Montmin mountains. Crid'Art Gallery Amnéville les Thermes.
2004 Permanent resident at Crid'Art.
2005 16th Albertville Spring Salon. 20th Sorgues Autumn Salon. Les Zazous Gallery Annecy. Crid'Art Gallery Amnéville les Thermes.
2006 BAM Gallery Toulouse. Gallery Passage à l'Art Millau.  
2007 Gallery les Zazous Annecy. Gallery Tartaglia Rome Italy. BAM Gallery Toulouse.
2008 BAM Gallery Toulouse. Crid'Art Gallery Metz. Auction sales in Drouot.
2009 Affordable Art Fair Brussels Belgium. Lilles Art Fair France. Gallery Crid'Art Metz.
2010 Gallery Crid'art Metz.
2012 Art Fair Strasbourg.
2013 Sorgues Collections Espace Malraux Sorgues. 35th Salon des Antiquaires de Metz.
2014 Gallery Crid'art Metz. BAM Gallery Toulouse. 
2015 BAM Gallery Toulouse.
2016 France - China. Montauban France.
2017 BAM Gallery Toulouse.
2018 Shanghai.
2019 Artsy - Artsper and Pinterest become new exhibition sites.

"Most people don't listen with the intention of understanding, they listen with the intention of answering."


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"He who knows the art of living with himself, ignores boredom." (Erasmus)

"He who knows the art of living with himself, ignores boredom." (Erasmus)

Artist painter

Without prior written permission, the reproduction, interpretation, reframing or adaptation of the paintings or creations in any form or by any means whatsoever is strictly prohibited under penalty of prosecution. Law of 11 March 1957 / Law of 17 July 1970.
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